Household products, textiles and toys are among the vast range of consumer goods that make our daily lives more pleasant and enjoyable. But are they safe and effective? Mérieux NutriSciences helps you ensure that thousands of consumer goods on the market today can be purchased with confidence. 

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Products marketed to consumers must be proven to be safe; no compromises are allowed when there could be a risk to consumer health. From food contact materials (FCM) to textiles, from detergents to air fresheners, any chemicals used as ingredients in products must be controlled in order to protect human health and avoid any harmful impact on the environment.

Product performance can positively or negatively affect customer satisfaction; products must be fit for use, claims used in advertising must correspond to product characteristics, and a market leader must deliver a high level of performance to avoid disappointing consumers.

Quality control is indispensable to monitor whether a product or service meets specified requirements. A quality assurance system is intended to increase customer confidence and a company's credibility, to improve work processes and efficiency, and to enable a company to better compete with its rivals. 

Most products, including detergents, waste and shopping bags made of compostable and biodegradable film, textiles, plastic materials, inks, paints and varnishes, can undergo chemical and physical changes during storage and use. 

Research and development plays a key role in the industrial innovation process, which may consist of creating innovative products, replacing an existing product, or restyling an old product (e.g. packaging it in a different way)

As the provision of safety and quality services and environmentally friendly solutions is one of Mérieux NutriSciences’ founding values, we have a specific department dedicated to the study of these issues, comprising experts who participate in international committees on environmental sustainability. 

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