Proficiency testing determines the performance of individual labs on specific tests or measurements. Also known as inter-laboratory comparisons, proficiency tests compare the results obtained by different laboratories and are used to monitor the continuing performance of lab facilities.

Mérieux NutriSciences is an industry pioneer in proficiency testing programs. We offer customized programs to assess the technical proficiency of your laboratories and benchmark your competence against other testing entities.

As part of our services, we prepare homogeneous mixtures of designated food matrices and then ship these samples to your laboratory.  We then assess your results and provide you with a comprehensive statistical analysis of your laboratory’s performance.

Proficiency programs can offer a number of benefits by providing you with:

  • Increased confidence in your laboratory’s testing procedures
  • Identification of potential problems
  • Analytical variation data
  • Documented data for regulators, accreditation bodies and your customers

Our proficiency programs can provide you with objective information to make needed improvements in your laboratory, along with critical information about the level of variation in your production process.  In programs such as Six Sigma  quality schemes, understanding and reducing process variation requires knowledge of the variation inherent in the analytical measurement phase.. Reducing analytical variation can be an important way of reducing the cost of your product.

July 13th, 2020
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