Our analytical activities also include a Customer Care service staffed by highly skilled technicians dedicated to:

• test samples recording in company’s IT system (LOGIN);

• offering legislative and technical advice;

• preparing analytical plans according to regulatory requirements or specific requests;

• reporting with remarks (test reports), compliance assessments, interpretations and comments of analysis results in compliance with regulations or special requirements (AIA1, legislative derogations, special technical specifications, technical standards, etc.) or proprietary chemical and test knowledge of industrial processes;

• preparing reports for research analysis (analysis exceeding the usual analytical process in type and timing);

• closely working with the sales team, the laboratory and administrative depts.;

• offering consultancy services to support public and private bodies in the event of criminal proceedings, seizures, etc.

1 Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale stands for Integrated Environmental Authorization. It is the provision that authorizes the activity of a plant upon certain conditions; it concerns integrated pollution prevention and control.

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