Biofortis contains a rich entrepreneurial history which is still visible in our approach to business today.  

The Biofortis name comes from an entrepreneur named Murielle Cazaubiel, who opened a clinical research team in Nantes, France in 2002.  Her goal was to allow food and dietary supplement companies to realize clinical studies according to the same standards as the pharmaceutical industry. 

Her team joined the company founded by a second entrepreneur, Huguette Nicod.  Huguette created Adriant in 1984, a European leader in providing sensory and consumer studies, supporting both  manufacturers in the development of their products and marketers in developing  strategies for their products. Huguette added several locations throughout Europe making it one of the largest and strongest sensory and consumer research teams. 

A third female entrepreneur, Françoise Le Vacon, PhD, brought in Atlangène Applications, a company founded in 1996 and specialized in molecular biology methods and sequencing for probiotics & prebiotics analyses for pharmaceutical and food industries. 

A fourth entrepreneur, Kevin Maki, PhD, added his suburban Chicago company called Provident Clinical Research, which was founded in 2004.  His focus was on generating evidence on how foods and dietary ingredidents promote human health. 

The values of these four entrepreneurs, initiative, integrity, excellence and responsibility, led these start-up companies to gather within Biofortis, Mérieux Nutrisciences’ global research organization. 

Our science, your innovation.