Product development is an ongoing and strategic component of the food industry.

Foods can be enriched with vitamins and minerals, added fiber or fatty acids in order to offer a health benefit. They can be engineered to contain no cholesterol, low salt, less fat or to be free of allergens.

From developing new food products to evolving existing ones to better meet consumer needs, our experts can support key steps of your product development process.

Mérieux NutriSciences offers resources and experience in the following areas:

  • Market research on consumer preferences 
  • Robustness of tests performed
  • Legislation and regulatory requirements
  • Probiotic strain screening
  • Prototype formulation assessments
  • Food safety in the development process
  • Product shelf life
  • Commissioning of industrial line
  • Quality monitoring of industrial production
  • Market acceptance
  • Clinical evidence to support product claim or registration
  • Preparation for manufacture and packaging of new product

July 13th, 2020
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