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FDA Detention processes: Steps to quickly move detained products into US commerce

Webinar Date: March 28th 2023
Time: 10:00~11:00 am (Beijing)

Are you exporting food into the US or plan to do it? Has your shipment ever been delayed by the US FDA or placed in FDA detention? Do you know what to do when the unexpected happens? Detentions can result in delays to market, increased expenses in warehouse storage, and frustrated buyers with orders that fall short of expectation and delivery. This can be costly in both reputation and dollars. Join our FDA Detention Expert, Annie Hughes, as we dive deeply into FDA Detentions.

In this educational webinar, you’ll learn more about what can trigger an FDA Detention, which industries are impacted the most, what it takes to get your product out of detention, and how our experts work with the FDA to help.

Learning objectives:

  • Reasons for the detention
  • How to get your products released
  • What to do when your products are detained

About the presenter:

Annie Hughes is the business development manager for FDA Detention Services and international projects at Mérieux NutriSciences. She has more than 10 years of experience providing successful resolutions to FDA-detained entries.

Annie was previously the business development director at ABC Research Laboratories for international trade, where she started her focus on FDA detentions. Annie’s background and sales positions in food testing give her a unique perception of the testing needs of the produce, seafood, animal feed, spice and nut industries. Her business background provides her with a comprehensive view of the financial, logistics and food safety challenges facing each of these industries.

Annie received BS and MS degrees from the University of Florida in Agricultural Economics. She has served as a panellist at the Boston Seafood Show and has given educational presentations at industry gatherings.