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Pet Food Testing

Product recalls associated with pet food have sparked calls for heightened safety controls by industry stakeholders, regulators and consumers. Pet food manufacturers face a number of challenges such as: proper temperature monitoring, raw material sourcing and product design, traceability, sanitation methods, and standardizing industry best practices. Meeting these and other unforeseen challenges are key for pet food companies to maintain consumer trust and loyalty in the expanding global marketplace.

We offer an extensive portfolio of expert services to the pet food industry. Our analytical testing services are supported by integrated and robust quality systems that translate into value and brand equity.

Service Scope

  • Pet staple food: cat food, dog food, etc.
  • Pet snacks: Canned, fresh packets, meat strips, dried meat, etc
  • Pet nutrition and health products: calcium, vitamins, protein, etc 

Testing Capability


  • Salmonella, Aerobic colony count, Enterobacteriaceae, Coliforms, Mould and Yeast, Staphylococcus, etc.


  • Lead, total arsenic, inorganic arsenic, fluorine, cadmium, chromium, mercury, phosphorus, Nitrite


  • Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Zearalenone, Vomit toxin, Fumonisin, T-2 and HT-2 toxin, etc.

Pesticide and Vet

  • Hexachlorobenzene, trimethoprim, sulfamethoxoline, sulfamethoxazole, timicorin, enoxacin , etc.


  • Moisture, Crude protein, Crude fat, Crude ashes, Crude fibre, Water-soluble chloride, cyanide, etc.

Package Material

  • Migration test, Solvent residue, Soluble heavy metal, etc.


  • Amino acid, Mineral (Na, K, P, Ca, Ma, etc.), Vitamin, etc.


  • Preservative, Regulator Colorants, Melamine, Sudan, Dioxin, GMO, etc.


  • Ability and qualification of all pet food testing programs