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Pesticide Residue Testing Service

Pesticide residue is the general name given to the minute amount of pesticide, toxic metabolite, degradation waste and impurities that did not break down and remained in living organisms, harvest goods, soil, water and air after a period of time. They can enter into human bodies directly through food chain and water environment, and endanger human health. In order to protect consumers’ health, many countries in the world formulated corresponding laws and regulations and established the MRL for pesticides.

Mérieux NutriSciences China always operates on modern international laboratory standard, equipped with the latest pesticide testing equipment and professional technical team. Sino Silliker can carry out around 740 single pesticides , and the product category include dozens of products such as vegetables, fruits, tea, corns, herbs, honey, extract etc. And as well, according to different import countries’ standards, product matrixes and enterprise requirements, Mérieux NutriSciences China develops over 120 multiple pesticide residue suites to provide our customer with rapid, accurate, impartial solution, and help food enterprise to reach the food safety and quality standards and avoid pesticide residue risk.

Pesticide Testing Service

Single Pesticide Quantification

  • Cartap, Glyphosate, Ethylenethiourea (ETU), Propylenethiourea (PTU), Kasugamycin, Inorganic Bromide, Sulfuric oxyfluoride, Chlorate, Phosfolan-methyl, Amitrole, Ethylicin, Azinphos-ethyl, Dichlofluanid, Tolylfluanid, Gibberellic acid, Fenaminosulf and Polymyxin, Ningnanmyxin, Jinggangmyxin, etc.

Comprehensive Multi-pesticide Suite

  • Full coverage Suite (530+ items, 500+ items), Clearance Suite(400+ items, (450+ items), key monitor suite(280 items, 191 items), High concern suite (100+ items), Special Suite (Organophosphorus Pesticide suite, Organochlorine Pesticides Suite, Pyrethroid Pesticides Suite), etc.

Multi-pesticide Suite on Regulations

  • Domestic exclusive pesticide package series for GB 2763

Multi-pesticide Suite on Products

  • Fruits & Vegetables, Grains, Oil and grease, Milk and its products, Beverage, Animal-original products, Teas, Chinese herbs, Seasonings, Water & Soil, Baby food, etc.