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Mérieux NutriSciences comply with relevant laws and regulations, independent and impartial employment, social responsibility.To all customers, make the following Self-declaration:

1.Adhering to the third party stand, according to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, as well as the provisions of the contract or contract, objective, fair, accurate and timely to provide customers with services within the scope of business.

2.The quality and technical activities of the company are not subject to any interference from the administrative department or personnel, and ensure the independence and integrity of the inspection work.

3.The company has developed a fair behavior control policies and procedures to ensure that staff from the commercial, financial or other aspects of pressure affect the quality of testing.

4.The company has formulated policies, procedures and procedures for the protection of ownership and confidentiality, strict protection and confidentiality of state secrets, trade secrets, technical secrets, secrets related to clients, information and exclusive rights.

5.The company strictly in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and certification accreditation standards require the establishment of maintenance management system and the development of “quality manual”, and “quality manual” as the basic norms of internal management and quality assurance commitment to provide customers and society.

6.The company promised not to employ national laws and regulations prohibiting food testing staff. Be conscious of the responsibilities and obligations of food safety.

The company is responsible for the authenticity of the above statement.