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Food Safety Solution for Livestock and Poultry Meat Industry

China is the world’s leading country of meat production, and the highest consumption of meat products. Meat product quality plays a key role in consumers’ health and safety, as well as the development of the enterprises.

The critical factors for meat product quality include veterinary drug residue, illegal additives, authenticity of meat, and the harmful residues from environment and toxic or harmful substances from storage.

As a professional meat products testing lab, Merieux Nutrisciences (China) can provide professional and thorough solution for meat product enterprises, which includes livestock and poultry cultivation, butchery and process etc., we can ensure clients’ interest to the greatest extent. 

Testing services

  • Veterinary drug residues testing 
  • Identification of Animal-originated contents
  • Microbiology testing
  • Non-edible banned substances testing
  • Food additive testing 
  • Nutrient components testing
  • Inorganic elements testing
  • Packaging material testing

Food Science Center facilitates the food safety process control in your factories, ensures the stability, quality and safety of your products.

  • Environment monitoring program (EMP)
  • Regulatory service
  • Shelf-life and challenge study
  • Product and process validation study
  • Sensory and consumer research
  • Sterilization Process Validation
  • Factory audit and training service
  • Food label testing and verification service

QualMap, the overall quality control system

Manage all your data related to food quality and safety

  • Manage multiple products and standards in one category
  • Collect samples and testing results
  • Integrate raw data from different sources
  • Tracking product standard and overall performance trend
  • Summarize auditing result and correction action
  • Management complaints
  • Unqualified management alert
  • Suppliers management 
  • Customized product report
  • Customized suppliers report