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Food Contact Material Testing

Packaging plays an important role in promoting, protecting and transporting your products. Inadequate testing of components or materials can result in costly damage and tarnish your brand‘s reputation. Failure to comply with regulations often triggers fines and delays to market.

Mérieux NutriSciences China One-Stop Services offer global solutions to the medical / pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and household chemical industries. Our experts are actively involved in industry associations to stay abreast of new developments and understand the regulatory requirements for each market.

Service scope

Food contact material and articles, materials including plastics and additives, paper and board, elastomer and rubber, metal and alloy, coating, wood(and cork), varnish and paint, ceramic, glass; articles including plastic package, plastic container, metal container, glass container, ceramic container, tableware, cookware, vacuum flask, water filter, etc.

Test Capability

Identification Test

  • Infrared(IR), Density, Melting point, Composition analysis, etc.

Physical Test

  • Mechanical property, Tensile, Tear, Peel, Puncture, Impact, Use property, Drop, Leakage \ seal test, Color Fastness, Transpor, Permeability test, Oxygen Gas Transmission,  Water Vapor Transmission, Aging test, Heat resistance, Salt Spray Test, etc.

Hygiene Chemical Test

  • Migration test, Solvent residue, Soluble Heavy metal, Additive and hazardous substance, etc.

Microbial Test

  • Microbial test, TPC, Coliform group, Pathogenic bacterial, Salmonella spp, Shigella, Staphylococcus Aureus, Streptococcus Hemolyticus, Antibacteria, etc. 

Biological Test

  • Oral Acute Toxicity, Cytotoxicity, Mutagenic test , etc.

Environmental Protection

  • Heavy metal, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Chromium, etc.Environmental hormone, Phthalates, Ozone Depleting Substances, CFCs, HCFCs, Halon, HBFC, HFC, PFC CHCs, etc.

Ingredient Review

  • Adhesive, Masterbatch, Resin, etc.