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Microbial Proficiency Programs

Proficiency programs is a technical action appraising the ability of laboratory by inter laboratory comparisons. Laboratory could understand their own ability to improve the laboratory internal quality control and the level of laboratory management ability by joining the proficiency programs.

Our Microbial Proficiency Programs

  • As an industry pioneer in proficiency programs, we offer customized programs to assess the technical proficiency of your laboratories and benchmark your competence against other testing entities.
  • As part of our services, we prepare homogeneous mixtures of designated food matrices and then ship these samples to your laboratory. We’ll the assess your results and provide you with a comprehensive statistical analysis of your laboratory’s performance.

Our advantages and characteristics

  • Operating strictly according to the rules of group’s global food science center;
  • The strains are all come from official preservation institutions and America food safety research center;
  • The preparation process in strict accordance with the ISO17043;
  • Use real food matrix, instead of commen freeze-dried powder;
  • Statistical results will be submitted to the proficiency programs team of America food safety research center for checking, then the final approved report will be issued;
  • Powerful follow-up support, provide the Q&A, assist the cause analysis, etc.

Proficiency programs offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Confidence in your laboratory’s testing procedures;
  • Indentification of potential problems;
  • Documented data for regulators, accreditation bodies and your customers.

Our proficiency programs provide you with objective information to make needed improvements in your laboratory.