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Food – GMO, Allergen, Meat Component

With the popularization and wide application, the public pay more and more attention to genetically modified foods. While the safety of genetically modified foods is still in controversy around the world, governments of all countries carried out regulations to strengthen management of genetically modified products, and set up technical barriers to limit the import of such products. At the same time, along with more and more people are allergic to certain kind of food, food allergy has affected people’s life quality and even threatened their lives. Food allergy has become one of the severe health problems, in particularly, <General Rules for Labeling of Pre-package Food> which came into effect on April 20, 2012 raised a claim on food allergen recommended label.

Mérieux NutriSciences China equipped with international advanced molecular biological equipments and having professional team, provides GMO and allergen testing services on food, agricultural products and feed.Besides, Sino Silliker also provides the authenticity identification of meat component.

Testing Capability

GMO Testing

  • Wheat (ubiquitin, tNOS, Bar), Rice & its products (pCaMV35S, tNOS, Bt), Tomato(pCaMV35S, tNOS, NPTII), Corn(pCaMV35S, tNOS, Bar, NPTII, PAT), Green pepper (pCaMV35S, tNOS, NOS, NPTII), Soybean (pCaMV35S, tNOSS, EPSPS), Potato (pCaMV35S, tNOS, pFMV35S or NPTII), Edible fungus (pCaMV35S, tNOS, Bar, NPTII ), Tobacco (pCaMV35S, tNOS, NPTII), Honey (pCaMV35S, tNOS, EPSPS, NPTII, pFMV 35S), Rapeseed (pCaMV35S, tNOS, pFMV35S , NPTII), Edible Oil (pCaMV35S, tNOS, pFMV35S, EPSPS, NPTII), Condiments(pCaMV35S, tNOS, NPTII, pFMV35S, EPSPS), etc.

Allergen Testing

  • Peanut allergen, Gluten allergen, Total milk protein allergens, etc.

Identification Of Animal-Originated Ingredients

  • Porcine-derived, Bovine-derived, Ovine-derived, Chicken-derived, Duck-derived, Horse-derived, etc.