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Method Development and Method Validation

We help you respond to the continual need in the global food supply chain for accurate tests targeting new molecules or matrices. New methodologies can be developed quickly, according to predetermined protocols such as LoD, LoQ, range or scope. 

We can help you validate new methods for product and process control, shelf-life, stability programs and more. We offer both qualitative and quantitative method validations in order to:

  • Assist kit manufacturers with new proprietary testing method development
  • Ensure the quality, reliability and consistency of analytical results
  • Expand the application of a method to a new matrix
  • Verify the ability of a larger sample size for pathogen detection methods to improve the method sensitivity

The following additional tasks are performed for our customers on a daily basis:

  • Absorption/Release studies
  • Characterization of polymer mixtures from food contact material
    • Using best-in-class high resolution technologies coupled with mass spectrometry, we perform
    • qualitative characterization of polymers and detection of substances in food matrices.
  • Determination of unknown / impurities / degradation products / metabolites
    • Identification of unknown impurities/degradation in products/metabolites and validation of results with certified reference materials.
  • Purification / Isolation / Preparation of pure standards
    • Scale-up of some chromatographic methods (from analytical to semi-prep.) in order to fractionate/purify/isolate pure molecules